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 Tantric Chakra Series


February 6th - march 27th (no class march 13th)

wednesdays 7 pm

yogala studios

The chakras are magnificent and powerful forces to integrate into our practice. These energetic 'wheels' are not just ideas, they are accessible within the realm of the body! When we connect with them, we touch our potential for a deeper understanding of our own personal themes, desires, limitations, and so much more. 

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Online Immersions

deepen your practice at home



An online immersion for 27 days of practice

In this online immersion, we will go through 27 days of practice to explore our deepest desires and learn the yogic art of “sankalpa”, intention. Intentions create an energetic thread for our lives. Learn how the yoginis and yogis cultivated their hearts’ desires by purifying body and mind. Journey through the five “koshas”, layers of our being, to discover what your heart’s intentions truly are and how to work with them. So much more than a new year’s resolution, this immersion gives you tools and practices for living constantly with Intention.


About Wildstate

ancient wisdom for the modern mystic.


We inspire others by elevating the consciousness of our actions in the world and deepening intimacy with the Self. We are deeply committed to honoring the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation, folk and earth-based wisdom, and making them accessible in a modern context. We share practices, rituals, and teachings that connect beings to the wild world and their natural state of ananda (bliss).





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