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connect with your sacred self


about wildstate

inspired wellness. traditional yoga. earth wisdom. 


We inspire others by elevating the consciousness of our actions in the world and deepening intimacy with the Self. We are deeply committed to honoring the ancient traditions of yoga and meditation and making them accessible in a modern context. We share practices, rituals, and ceremonies that connect beings to the wild world and their natural state of ananda (bliss).



bliss body

sound bath & chakra meditation

Fall Equinox - September 21st, 8:30 - 10:00 pm

Greg Papania & Kat Mills

Crystal bowls, bells, chimes, nature sounds and analog synthesizers all tuned to 432 hz interwoven with binaural tones create a tapestry of music to harmonize your energy field and balance your chakras. Be guided through a full spectrum chakra meditation with sounds and frequencies specifically attuned to each chakra (energy center) in this practice known as yoga nidra -- the art of conscious relaxation, where mind rests in the theta state and can receive deep healing and rest.


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