Set your intentions.


In this online immersion, we will go through 27 days of practice to explore our deepest desires and learn the yogic art of “sankalpa”, intention. Intentions create an energetic thread for our lives. Learn how the yoginis and yogis cultivated their hearts’ desires by purifying body and mind. Journey through the layers of your being to discover what your heart’s intentions truly are and how to work with them. So much more than a goal or resolution, this immersion gives you tools and practices for living constantly with Intention.


This immersion is for those who…

Would like to harmonize the energy of their spirit, career path, and relationships

Are curious to learn what their triggers, blindspots, and patterns are

Feel disenchanted with setting ego-based goals and resolutions

Would like to create clear, strong, heart-centered intentions

Would like to develop a daily meditation practice

Need to reset and refocus their time and energy

Questions we will explore:

  • What is the difference between a goal/resolution and an intention?

  • What is my "spirit sankalpa”, my life’s intention?

  • What actions can I take to bring this intention to life?

  • What are my deepest desires for my spirit, career, and relationships?

  • My mind is really busy. How do I know if my intentions are authentic?

  • How do I create a daily practice that is simple, clear, and effective?

I truly loved my experience with the 27 day Intention Immersion. It was something I looked forward to and enjoyed developing my intentions day by day. Each homework felt natural and came to me easily after each meditation. I loved making my Sankalpas and revisiting them throughout the process...and still today! Intention Immersion revealed to me my wise, subconscious mind and helped me see that I indeed have the answers I need in order to realize my soul, path, and relationships. I felt inspired each day...
— intention participant

Intention includes

27 days’ worth of practice

3 guided meditations — Easeful Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Sankalpa Meditation

27 Free Writes, insightful journaling exercises

2 curated sound healing playlists courtesy of Sines Music

Instructions for creating sankalpas (intentions) for various aspects of your life

Access to online portal up to one year after purchasing




Questions? Reach out here.