Conscious Gift Giving


Happy Holidays! Many years back, I slowed down gift giving around the holidays. I was overwhelmed by the mindless spending, excessive waste, and stress caused by expectations both as a gift-giver and receiver.  I wondered how the "holy days", a time of reverence and reflection, had turned into a consumerist nightmare? On the other hand, when I received a gift that was imbued with time and meaning--a family heirloom, a handwritten card, freshly baked goods--they really made my heart sing because they made me feel seen. These days, I try to only give gifts that are meaningful and benefit the recipient, the artisan or small business, and the planet. When gift giving brings joy to all, it is truly a beautiful exchange! Here are some conscious gift-giving ideas for your holiday season:

  • Living Tea is now offering Living Tea Club, specializing in old growth and rare teas. Tea is not only revered for its health benefits, but is also helps keep the mind calm and awake for meditation.

  • Beautiful biodynamic chocolate 

  • Kindness Sessions with Olivia Clementine and Adriana Rizzolo. "A weekly touch point to bring you back to your wisdom." Inexpensive and expansive! 

  • Moon Calendar for 2018 or a transcendent print from Julia Corbett

  • Order a gorgeous floral arrangement from Kilkea Design

  • Make a donation in someone’s name to the Ojai Raptor Center or your favorite charity

  • Or go for a hike and openly share words of gratitude with your loved ones. It’s free!