Seeds of Intention

I love setting intentions. I do it often. I set intentions for relationships, homes, trips (try it!), yoga classes, and even before bed for the dream state. I set them for lunar cycles and also at the turn of the year. While I love setting resolutions and goals as well, intentions are my go-to practice.

So what is the difference between a goal and an intention?

A goal is an attainable manifestation, it produces a concrete result. For example, if your goal is to make a certain amount of money or find a home space that meets X, Y and Z requirements, that bears a very clear result when it's complete. An intention is something that directs the consciousness, it's like a north star guiding our path. It does not have a clear-cut ending, but rather sets us up to align our actions with it's vibration. Goal-setting is fantastic, and a beautiful practice in creating boundaries for oneself. Settings intentions is a way to infuse any area of your life with more awareness, and can bear many different (and sometimes unexpected!) results. 

What is a sankalpa?

The ancient yogins used the practice of sankalpa, conscious intention setting, to cultivate their deepest desires and manifest them. They understood that the mind is constantly accepting or rejecting external phenomena. This puts us in a cycle of clinging to what we perceive as "good" and rejecting what we perceive as "bad". Therefore, the first stage of setting a sankalpa is relaxing the mind through meditation. This is important on two levels--firstly, when the mental chatter quiets, the deeper desires can shine through. Then we are not mistaking the mind or ego for "instinct", and we can hear the voice of heart more clearly. Secondly, when enter this state, we are able to root our sankalpas in the subconscious. If the seeds of intention are planted deeply, and we water them with continuous practice, the manifestations of our sankalpas will grow into flowers on the conscious level. The more we practice, the more we continue to align with these sankalpas as they penetrate all layers of our being effortlessly! Speaking from personal experience, this practice has allowed me to refine my purpose and passion from a place of heart rather than mind. I continually use the practice of sankalpa to evolve all areas of my life, and to bring more clarity and understanding to myself and others. 

If you would like to work with the practice of sankalpa, please connect with me over a session!

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