Sunday Rituals

Photographer Unknown

Photographer Unknown

Each thought, each action in the sunlight of awareness becomes sacred.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Sundays are my favorite day of the week to hit the energetic reset button. Here are some of my favorite Sunday rituals!

Meditate in Nature

This is my favorite practice for instant grounding and perspective. Even just a few minutes outside instantly refreshes my mind. Get your bare feet on the ground, soak in some vitamin D, touch some plants, and take some deep breaths. Whether it's in a park, forest, the beach, or even just in your back yard, meditating outside is one of my favorite Sunday rituals.

Take a Bath

I take weekly baths with herbs, flowers, epsom salts, and essential oils. I've also been singing and chanting in the tub instead of playing music. I'm super stoked to have a bathtub now, but I didn't for many years. If you don't have a tub, you can do a foot bath or a similar ritual sitting in the shower, (as taught to me by my friend Muse Bath), which is really lovely. Take this time to do a natural face mask or give yourself a full body abhyanga oil massage.  

Sit with tea

This is my daily practice, but I enjoy sitting extra long on Sundays! I often go on long solo Tea journeys (with old growth, ceremonial Tea), sometimes incorporating journals, reading, or chanting. I also love leisurely "social" tea sits with friends, playing music and talking; a time to connect without devices!

Farmers Market

This is my new favorite Sunday morning ritual! Basic? Maybe. But also, healthy! I now live walking distance from an awesome farmer's market and enjoy using my senses to dream up meals for the week.


I like feeling pretty on Sundays. It feels good to enjoy beautifying myself as part of my self-care. I also love adorning my home through calm, ritualistic cleaning, watering my plants, opening the windows, and making offerings of incense or flowers on my altars.

Make Love!

With yourself or your partner :)

Less doing, more being

I find it difficult, and yet very necessary, to practice being on Sundays. I enjoy indulging in self-care, reading, hiking, watching a movie, catching up with friends, and any other activity that might feel "lazy" in the middle of the day. Giving ourselves space to receive and recharge allows us to break free from mental cycles of business that many of us are accustomed to. Let your Sundays be a time of mindfulness and relaxation--calm the nervous system, bring joy and gratitude into your being, and release tension and anxiety in the mind. It's like a mini retreat every week!