12 Tips to Nourish & Ground

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“If you think you're enlightened, go spend a week with your family” - Ram Dass


The holidays are a wonderful time of communing and celebrating with loved ones, but as many of us know, they can also be extremely challenging and depleting. Taking time to nourish and ground yourself is the perfect antidote to feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or provoked. This is especially relevant for us empaths, introverts, and high sensitive folk. If you anticipate becoming your mom’s unwilling sous chef all day or having marathon debates with your uncle about global warming, prepare yourself with some extra self-care. Here are 12 of my favorite tips for loving yourself up this holiday season!

  1. Try Bliss Body meditation instead of your afternoon nap (let’s face it, it might turn into a nap!).

  2. Be mindful with sugary desserts, alcohol, and family dinners that might include processed or canned foods. I will actually supplement with a juice or light meal beforehand if I know a party or dinner will not be able to accommodate my food choices. Your body is precious, take care of it.

  3. Add some healthy fats and grounding grains to your diet for extra nourishment.

  4. Dose up with Rescue Remedy, CBD oil, magnesium, or any other plant ally to help calm your nervous system.

  5. Make space for quiet time. Prepare yourself by bringing a journal, inspiring books, podcasts, or guided meditations.

  6. Weather permitting, get in the sunshine as much as possible! Learn how to responsibility take in sun without sunglasses or sunscreen. If possible, get your bare feet on the earth too. Read more here.

  7. Take a bath.

  8. Learn how to say “no”. This is so important. Creating healthy and respectful boundaries is quite difficult, as we often fall back into patterns with our family. By putting these boundaries into practice, we grow our capacity for tolerance and compassion.

  9. If you have a healing offering, consider sharing it with you family. Teach a yoga class, meditation, offer a foot massage, serve tea, or do a yoga nidra together. Giving the gift of relaxation inspires others to slow down and enjoy quality time together.

  10. Put your phone away on silent or airplane mode (or off?!). Enjoy your time off from work and daily obligations. Use your down time to start a creative project, write, paint, play music, or practice another language.

  11. Bring your own tea to do a daily tea ceremony.

  12. Use daily meditation to shift your consciousness into appreciation and gratitude as much as possible. Our time together is precious. By learning how to manage our energy through creating boundaries and self-care practices, we can be more fully authentic and present with our loved ones.

I do have some openings for sessions over the holidays as well, should you need extra support. Please connect with me here if I can be of service.