Medicinal Bone Broth

Autumn is here and it’s time for… bone broth! I actually grew up sipping mineral-rich bone both in a lot of the traditional recipes I enjoyed as child. Bone broth is like one of the OG superfoods for many cultures. Responsibly-sourced, medicinal amounts of it have been layered into my diet after fifteen plus years of being vegetarian. Though I know bone broth isn’t for everyone, I have experienced numerous benefits from it over the years. My hair and nails appear stronger, many of my skin issues (including eczema!) have completely cleared, and I have more energy than ever (probably due to other factors as well). Bone broth is touted to be very anti-inflammatory as well as healing for the gut, which is why so many people with digestive issues love it. This Medicinal Bone Broth recipe is great straight up, sautéed with veggies, or ladled into a soup. If you are wondering if bone broth is for you, ask your acupuncturist (they’ll probably give you the best answer). Enjoy!

This post is an excerpt from Wildstate Quarterly, a seasonal journal with inspiration for harmonizing with the world around us.