Inner Power


“True power arises from an inner feminine source -- from Shakti. This is true whether the power appears in the cosmos (as in the big bang and the thrust of evolution) or in a human being -- as our powers of thought, feeling, and action.”

- Sally Kempton

The Sanskrit word Shakti is often translated as power. Unlike the version of power that comes through external gain (influence, beauty, status, wealth), this power is the creative force that manifests everything in the universe. In Tantra, the external macrocosm of the universe is seen as a reflection of the internal microcosm of the body. Therefore, the Inner Power of the divine (god/goddess/spirit) is within each and every one of us. It is the innate creative wellspring that is inexhaustible and self-sourced. When we access it, we have the feeling of being “in the flow” and have the ability to craft our dreams into reality.

On the practical level, cultivating and connecting to Inner Power allows us to embody our paths fully in the physical world. There is scientific evidence that the mind and body are intrinsically connected (psychoneuroimmunology), which mystics and yogis have understood for centuries. When the mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies are empowered, the physical body is fortified as well.

We compromise our physical health when we do not live with integrity and in alignment with our deepest desires.

Doing practices that cultivate Qi/Prana is vital in supporting the body in process of expanding our capacity to hold Inner Power. Inner Power differs from Ego in that it does not cling to building an identity to operate. It is authentic self-expression that does not rely on comparison or judgement to thrive.

Inner Power is cultivated through:

  • Understanding your previous traumas and how they impact your nervous system and subtle body

  • Holding clear relational boundaries that support your nervous system

  • Practices that cultivate Qi/Prana and a greater sense of flow

  • Connecting to the divine creative force within, as you understand it

When you are connected to Inner Power:

  • Your thoughts and actions align

  • You feel a clear “yes” or “no” in your body

  • You are able to hold healthy boundaries that are flexible and evolve over time

  • You feel energized by your work and creative projects

  • Others respect your choices, they value your time and energy

When you need to connect to Inner Power:

  • You are constantly exhausted

  • You’re unsure of direction or are frequently indecisive

  • You often project dissatisfaction or criticism onto relationships

  • You constantly compare yourself to others, feel jealously and judgment

  • You feel the need to cut people off

  • You often think you have it “all figured out”

If you would like to connect more deeply with Inner Power, I recommend starting with Intention Immersion.