How to Create a Matcha Ceremony

photo by Kat Mills

photo by Kat Mills


Tea is not but this. First you make the water boil, then infuse the tea. Then you drink it properly. That is all you need to know. - Sen No Rikyu

Let’s get back to basics. Sen No Rikyu, who is generally considered to be the most influential figure in modern tea ceremony, outlines the tea practice clearly and simply. Tea Ceremony can be an elaborate procedure, but at the end of the day, it is about creating space to sit still and drink tea. Here is my step by step breakdown of how to create a matcha ceremony, with as few tea utensils as possible. As my tea teacher Matsumoto Sensei would always say, “Make good tea!”.

Step 1. Choose an organic, ceremonial grade matcha. Making an excellent bowl of tea requires the quality of the tea itself to be excellent. My teachers share matcha with me from Japan, but I’ve found some in the health food stores options that I like too. For a more casual tea, I enjoy Four Sigmatic Matcha with Lion’s Mane (it is darker in color, but still froths nicely. Plus, mushrooms!). I’ve heard Sun Potion’s White Dragon Matcha is tasty, too. This is perhaps the most important step, so don’t skimp on this.


Step 2. Choose your utensils. The simplest method would be to use a small bowl (or a proper chawan) and bamboo whisk (chasen). Eventually you can add a tea scoop and tea caddy.

Step 3. Heat the water. I could go down a rabbit hole about water quality, but that’s for another post. Use spring water or the best quality you can find that has natural minerals. Heat it until it’s steaming.

Step 4. Warm the bowl. Empty.

Step 5. Add two scoops of tea.

Step 6. Pour the water over the tea. Tea practice is an experience, so play around with exact measurements. Not too watery, not too thick.

Step 7. Whisk! Quickly. Don’t be afraid, get in there! Whisk until you have a frothy surface.

Step 8. Enjoy and share with friends.

Benefits of Matcha: extremely high in antioxidants, may increase immunity, may enhances mood, assists concentration, high in vitamin C, rich in chlorophyll, provides a calm and sustained energy boost.

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