Wildstate Intentions


We are committed to honoring the ancient traditions of Yoga, Meditation, and Earth-Based wisdom and making them accessible for all. We always honor the lineages of Hatha Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, non-dual Tantra, to name a few. We always share from direct experience and transmission of these teachings, with respect and integrity.


We are an online platform and community that inspire and elevate the consciousness of our world by deepening intimacy with the Self. We each take full responsibility for our thoughts, words, and actions. We facilitate inspired dialogue in the spirit of non-violent communication and deep listening. We share with respect for each person’s unique path, culture, spirituality, and belief system.


We believe that each individual is empowered and created by the divine wisdom of Love. Our prayer is that we can embody our divine purpose, and learn from ancient wisdom as a map for the benefit of all living beings and our planet.