The path of the self-liberation unfolds like a flower. It is a non-linear path, each one blossoming at their own pace with the needs of the ever-changing present.

According to Tantric philosophy, each being holds within itself Solar and Lunar energies. In healing the Lunar (feminine energy), we address the creative, emotional, yin, receptive aspects of ourselves. We connect more deeply to our own radiance, pleasure, and compassion. In healing the Solar (masculine energy), we address the directive, goal-oriented, yang, linear aspects. We sharpen our concentration, our ability to hold boundaries, and be a conscious container for our experience. Our practice should allow us to keep both of these polarities balanced, and challenge us where we are imbalanced.

The following offerings are in support of all who wish to have a greater connection to the radiance of their hearts, develop a nourishing practice, listen to their bodies, and create a safe space for love and self-care. Sessions may include:


Tea and tune in

 Sankalpa (intention setting)

Pranayama (breath work)

hands-on healing

Recitation of mantras

Guided yoga nidra or meditation

self-care rituals

embodiment practices

Non-violent and authentic communication

Tools for greater connection, intimacy & self-love!


inner journey

One-on-one sessions are a unique way to reconnect with the Self. In a privately guided practice, we learn tools for deepening self-awareness and expanding our consciousness. Each session begins with a short tea practice, during which the individual tunes into how he or she is feeling and what they would like to focus on. Specific restorative asanas (postures), breath work, meditation, or practices are chosen and guided. The session ends with developing an on-going practice, empowering the practitioner to continue their inner work. Each session is is uniquely tailored to the individual and held in safety, respect, and reverence. 


sacred relationship

We all have to navigate, cultivate, and maintain balance in human relationships. These sessions focus on the unique dance of relationships, whether familial, friendship, professional, or romantic. You might be an individual setting intentions for a romantic partner or gaining clarity around a relationship. You might be a couple working together towards deeper understanding, fulfillment, and connection or perhaps consciously separating. We will explore relational practices for being whole in relationship, inspiring change without demanding or blaming, peaceful conflict resolution, deepening intimacy and connection, setting compassionate boundaries, and so much more.

For individuals or couples. For couples, it is strongly recommended that each partner do a one-on-one session as well.


feminine support

Women are unique and sacred beings. As creators, mothers, lovers, business owners, self-care experts, and facilitators, we wear many colors of the feminine experience. When we awaken our internal feminine power (Shakti), we connect to a wellspring of energy, wisdom, and love. These sessions are tailored to the specific needs of women -- connecting to your "feminine side" and sexuality, re-sensitizing and interpreting the messages of your body, practices for harmonizing with your womb and cycle, understanding relationship to our masculine counterparts (internally and externally), deprogramming stereotypes and limiting belief systems. We may also evoke and study specific goddesses as allies and attune to their frequencies through embodiment practices. Open to all who identify as women. 



In a Five Session Journey, we will travel more deeply together through a complete arc of practice. Each session will build upon the previous one, aligning with your intention and addressing various obstacles in your practice. No two sessions will be alike, each will be tailored to your present needs. These sessions can be completed weekly over one lunar cycle, or spread out over a longer period of time. 


All private sessions are held in LA or online. These sessions are for all levels. Sessions require 24-hour cancellation or clients are subject to full payment. All sessions are non-refundable.