Tantric Chakras Immersion


Explore six Classical Tantric Chakras online. Learn about the chakras through guided meditations, mantra, journaling, and other traditional practices. Connect to each one to deepen your knowledge, experience healing, and awaken the subtle body.


A chakra is an energy vortex

at the meeting of the physical and subtle body.

Translate this into western anatomy and physiology and note that the traditional location of each chakra correlates with a major gland, or glands, and a main autonomic nerve plexus within the body. By some coincidence or methods of analytical introspection now lost to us, the point where each chakra is located corresponds with the points in the body where psychosomatic illness most commonly manifests.
— Anandakapila Saraswati

faqs About this immersion

what is a chakra? Are they real?

A chakra is an energy vortex at the meeting of the physical and subtle body—so while there is a physical location, they are energetic entities. Though there are hundreds of chakras located on the body, we will focus on six major chakras in this series - Muladhara (root), Swadistana (sacral), Manipura (navel), Anahata (heart), Vishuddhi (throat), Ajna (third eye). Yes, they are real—but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself through these amazing practices!

How will we access the chakras?

Traditionally, the chakras are accessed through meditation, mantra (sound vibration), and yantra (geometric patterns). In this immersion, we will use breath work and traditional micro-practices to prepare each center, guided meditation, seed mantra for each chakra, and a deity mantra to evoke specific qualities at each chakra. To read more about each segment’s practices, see below.

what is a mantra?

A mantra is a sound vibration that allows us to cut through the busy-ness of the mind. These mantras are in Sanskrit and are revered for their potency and intelligence to awaken the chakras.

Why should we work with the chakras?

The physical and energetic bodies are intrinsically linked, there is no separation. When a trauma affects our physical body, it also affects our energetic body and vice versa. Accessing the chakras is a way to gain direct access to our energetic body, purify blockages, and create space for healing. We may have blocks in the chakra system that we are not even aware of! When we become aware of the connection between the physical and subtle bodies, we start the path of holistic healing on all levels. We don’t just address one aspect or focus on symptoms, but go deeper into the root causes of our suffering.

why only 6 chakras?

The crown chakra (sahasrara) is not technically a chakra. It is beyond the realm of the senses, the elements, and the mind, so it is quite difficult to teach through practical means. It is not something that can be translated into an easy into an online course. We believe it’s best to develop a strong foundation of these six chakras first. If you would like to learn more or deepen your knowledge beyond this immersion, feel free to schedule a private session.


tantric chakras complete

All 6 immersions, from Root to Third Eye. See details below.

tantric chakras with private session

All 6 immersions plus a 1 hour private session with Kat to deepen your practice, address challenges, receive one-on-one guidance, and energetic healing.

Each immersion includes:

  • Practice for 5 days of or go in-depth for 30 days

  • At least 30 minutes/day of content

  • 1 Video Activation

  • 1 Chakra Meditation

  • 1 Mantra Meditation (downloadable)

  • 5 Free Write exercises

  • Detailed information and guidance for each chakra

  • Six months’ access to private online portal per segment or one year’s access for Tantric Chakras Complete



root chakra

Focus on grounding, gratitude, basic needs, earth element.

includes: pelvic floor activation, chakra meditation, ganesha mantra meditation, 5 free write exercises



sacral chakra

Focus on desire, creativity, pleasure, emotions, water element.

includes: ujayi breath practice, kechari mudra, chakra meditation, saraswati mantra meditation, 5 free write exercises



navel chakra

Focus on abundance, expression, ego, inner power, fire element.

includes: kapalabhati breath practice, chakra meditation, lakshmi mantra meditation, 5 free write exercises



heart chakra

Focus on compassion, self-love, equanimity, air element.

includes: metta meditation, chakra meditation, kali mantra meditation, 5 free write exercises



throat chakra

Focus on clear communication, deep listening, space element.

includes: chanting, chakra meditation, shiva mantra meditation, 5 free write exercises



third eye chakra

Focus on the mind, clarity, dreams, and intuition.

includes: nadi shodhana breath practice, dream catching, chakra meditation, om mantra meditation, 5 free write exercises


From Our community

If you’re reading this, you’re in the right place. Studying the chakras with Kat has been a completely transformative experience that continues to expand in depth and beauty. She makes experiencing the chakras accessible in a simple, yet incredibly powerful way. I’ve never felt more in tune with my body, mind and spirit. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained and encourage anyone who’s interested in the chakras or meditation of any kind to sign up for this immersion. A new world has blossomed before me. I’ve been able to develop my own daily practice and I feel encouraged to keep seeking and practicing. I now know peace, bliss and joy. Thank you, Kat!
— T.A.
I have learned so much from taking the Tantric Chakra series with Kat. Her deep reverence for tantric teachings and wisdom really shines through. Working through the chakras with Kat has helped me craft a daily practice of mantra and meditation that has helped me feel more grounded, nourished, and whole. I am so grateful.
— D.E.
I am so grateful to have gone on the journey of Kat’s Tantric Chakra Class. I felt like we all took a deep dive into our subtle body and subconscious and built a strong foundations in our bodies. I have a new understanding of the energy in my body and feel more open to receive.
— L.B.