Once a word is uttered and received by a sentient being it can never be recalled but reverberates through the cosmos for eternity – such is the power of vishuddi chakra.
— Anadakapila Saraswati


Sanskrit – Vishuddhi, purification center

Location – center of the throat

Element – Ether

Karmendriya (action organ) – vocal chords

Jnanendriya (sensory organ) – ears

Tanmatra (sense) – hearing

Yantra – black oval

Mantra – ham pronounced “hum”

God/Goddess – Sadashiva/Sakini

Lotus – sixteen petalled purple lotus

Associations – Empathy, conscious communication, ability to alchemize “poisons”, deep listening

Blockages – Speech disorders, deafness, thyroid issues, lack of empathy or feeling


Intro to Vishuddhi

Vishuddi is the last of the chakras located within the spinal column. It is known as the center of nectar, but also the center of poison. This nectar (amrita) is secreted by the higher chakras, and can be transformed at this chakra as an ambrosia of immortality that regenerates the body and spirit.  “Shuddhi” means purify; there is a purification and harmonization of opposites at the throat chakra. At this center, we can start to differentiate the realizations of higher consciousness from the fluctuations of the mind.

There is a story in Indian mythology of good and evil forces continually fighting over the world. Vishnu (Lord of Preservation) attempted to resolve the conflict, the winner would receive treasures which included the nectar of immortality and the worst poison. Both sides wanted the nectar, but not the poison. To resolve this, Shiva (Lord of Transformation) drank the poison in one gulp. Oftentimes, Shiva’s throat will be depicted as blue at vishuddhi. The moral of the story is: for an awakened soul, even poison can become nectar.

My teacher often says, “Let every word you speak be mantra”. Notice your words this week, not only the ones you speak externally, but also how you speak to yourself internally. Thoughts of unworthiness, anger, jealously carry a vibration, just as thoughts of love, compassion, and equanimity carry a vibration. Thoughts become words, and words become actions. The resonance of your thoughts becomes the resonance of your being.

This center is closely related to sensing others’ thoughts and feelings, being empathic. Once we understand the landscape of our mind and internal dialogue, we can be more readily available to listen and receive another.



This immersion is intended to be done for at least 5 days or in-depth up to 30 days. Do the video practice, followed by the guided meditation, then choose one of the Free Writes below. The mantra meditation can be done seated or lying down at any time.

I. Video practice

Chanting “Ma” Mantra

II. Vishuddi Meditation

Connect with and explore vishuddhi chakra and it’s properties.

III. Shiva Mantra

Evokes letting go, transformation, and purification. You can repeat the mantra aloud or internally.

Mantra “Om namah shivaya”

Om nu-mah shiv-a-yah

i honor the spirit of transformation


Free Writes

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Try to write continuously without stopping, editing, or analyzing.

1. Write a monologue to someone about an unresolved situation. What would you say to them if you knew you would be 100% received? Focus on your needs and feelings, rather than blaming or shaming them.

2. What is something you would like to transform in the way you communicate?

3. What did you learn about listening/communication from your parents? How did your parents communicate with you, with each other, with the world?

4. How are you communicating with yourself today? What is mantra you can create to empower yourself today? (i.e. “I listen deeply to myself and others”, “I speak only loving words”, “I am loving awareness”)

5. Take a day of silence (if possible), or a half day if not. What do you notice when you don’t use your voice? How do you speak to yourself? What did you learn?