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yoga nidra

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful journey into the subconscious mind. It is also known as "yogic sleep", a state in which the body goes to sleep and the mind remains awake. The brainwave frequency is lowered to the sweet spot between being awake and asleep. In this state, the mind can access and release suppressed emotional patterns, new intentions can be planted, and deep healing occurs. This practice was adapted by Swami Satyananda Saraswati from the Tantric practice of nyasa.

What does a Yoga Nidra session look like?

The practitioner lies down in shavasana and is guided through the entire practice which includes detailed breath and body awareness, manifestion of sankalpa (intention), and visualization. It is very relaxing and can be done by practitioners of all levels, sizes, and belief systems! 

The benefits of this practice are many-fold and have been supported by scientific research. Some benefits may include: stress reduction, lower blood pressure, conscious dreaming, deep emotional release, addiction assistance, insomnia relief, planting intentions in the subconscious, greater flow of prana/Qi/energy, awakening inner potential and root desires.